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“I must be made of nothing to feel so much nothing."
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The 100 Challenge- [2] Favorite Female Characters

Raven Reyes

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eopold Fitz Week 

Day Three

 ↳ Favorite Relationships [2/2] ⇆ Jemma Simmons

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i feel bad for who followed me during the agents of shield hiatus these people won’t see my true colors until the show comes back i reblog all of the 30 gifsets of the same scene

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agents of shield season 2 premiere be like

"previously on marvel’s agents of shield" [pain] [tears]

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I missed you, buddy.

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Marilyn Monroe, photographed by Bert Stern 1962.

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BROOKE DAVIS APPRECIATION WEEK » day two: favorite friendship(s)

Thank you but none of that is as important to me as us. Seriously, none of it.

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